matching icons for you and your friends


that’s ok mum


after you’ve been through like a string of fandoms and you’ve decided your favourite character/s for each one, there will come a day when you will list all your faves from each fandom side by side and look at them carefully and realise

you have a type


me: horoscopes are fucking stupid if you believe that shit you’re a fucking—

horoscope: leos are sexy as hell

me: genius bruh these shits are real as fuck amazing how are they so on point all the time

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*makes text post* *deletes text post 1 minute later* limited edition



those relationships between characters where when one of them dies the other just completely loses themselves and is so angry and starts taking unnecessary risks and getting sloppy and careless when it comes to keeping out of danger and staying safe more like haha. why. haha why do that. haha why. why


Friend: Do you watch Anime?
Me: Are you sure you're ready for this conversation?
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me: sees good art of otp
me: makes pterodactyl noises
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talking to your friends on skype more like 


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» Reblog if your icon is actually you.
» Zodiac Signs (snk version)


aries- Eaten by a titan

taurus- Titan shifter

gemini- Part of the Stationary guard

cancer- Mother eaten by a titan

leo- Humanities strongest

virgo- Best friend eaten by a titan

libra- 10 titan kills

scorpio- Part of squad Levi

sagittarius- No titan kills

capricorn- Part of military police

aquarius- Traitor

pisces- Part of Scouting Legion


two vampire friends lying on the floor getting drunk and describing eachother because they can’t use mirrors don’t even try to tell me that isn’t adorable

robot friend does not agree. 'failure' is inability to fulfill directive. human has no programmed directive. human evolutionary directive is to live. you are alive. everything else is bonus.


I’ve been saving this message in my inbox for a long time because it always makes me feel better. I needed it today. Thank you

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:D for the wings dashingicecream



Job interviewer: so what skills can you bring to the company
Me: i came out to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now